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Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Foundation

2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F
3-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

TELF03-5408-8291 FAXF03-5408-8741 / 03-5408-8747 Map & Closest station


We are engaged in a) studies and research, b) support of various active organizations and c) information dissemination activities, by leveraging our expert knowledge, skills, know-how and extensive networks, achieved through our experiences spanning over 20 years.

Three Activities

a) Study and Research Activities

We conduct comprehensive scientific studies and research on promoting the use of ports, harbors and airports and on creating sound coastal or marineenvironments.

(1) Studies and research contributing to advanced and sophisticated use of ports and harbors

  1. Studies and research on strengthening the international competitiveness of Japan's container/bulk ports and harbors.

  2. Studies and research on establishing a bulk cargo new logistics system for the Northeast Asia region

  3. Studies and research on regional development by attracting cruise ships

  4. Studies and research on evaluation methods for social infrastructure development

(2)Studies and research contributing to improving the environment of ports,harbors and coastal zones

  1. Studies and research on measures against global warming in ports and coastal zones

  2. Studies and research on technology and evaluating methods for symbiotic systems and nature restoration

  3. Studies and research on the contribution to the establishment of a sound material-cycle society

b) Activities to Support Various Active Organizations

We coordinate with various active organizations, such as NPOs, citizen groups, enterprises, and we also support their activities.

Supporting activities of NPOs with bases located in ports or coastal areas

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

c) Information Dissemination Activities

In order to share the results obtained from various activities and to contribute to society, we conduct various PR activities, such as holding lectures and seminars, provide information through our website and publicize documentation.

  1. Holding lectures and seminars

  2. Holding Port supporting members study meetings

  3. Publicizing documentation

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