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Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Center

2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F
3-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

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About JAPAN Cruise Research Institute

Today, in view of reaches 5 million cruise passenger to Japan, the government, regional governments and civilians are cooperating and striving to ensure smooth acceptance of cruise ship calling at all over the country.
WAVE has established ‘Japan Cruise Research Institute’ to support such activity over these measures.
We have knowledge of cruise promotion that collaboration between port and ship, hardware side and software side from both port and maritime perspective, It is the only organization in Japan to implement consulting, human resource development, technical guidance and international cooperation systematically.

Overseas institutions with partnership

  • Shanghai International Cruise Business Institute (SICBI)
  • Korea Maritime Institute (KMI)

Introduction of main activity

Commission research on cruises

Along with the increase in the number of calls by cruise ships to Japan, we will conduct commissioned research work to utilize cruise ship calling for regional area promotion, such as attraction of cruise ships and improvement of acceptance environment.

Independent research about the latest subject

Our independent research are conducting investigations on the latest subject such as the issues facing Japan and the topics of interest on the market, etc.

Cruise advisory service

Utilizing expertise staff who have been involved in cruise-related business for many years, Provide assistance on cruises, etc. as a support advisor project to local governments and others.

Dispatching lecturers to seminars, publishing books

Dispatch of lecturers to various seminars, dissemination of cruise related information on the website, issuance of related books, etc. for the purpose of deepening the knowledge of stakeholders to promote cruise.

Cruise information collection/event planning

Continually participate in domestic and foreign major cruise events and continue to collect the latest information by utilizing knowledge accumulated in past activities, expertise, domestic and overseas networks. We also plan a cruise event ourselves.

  • Cruise Salon (small reception for information exchange and social occasion in Japanese cruise industry)
  • Cruise Port Seminar
  • Boarding Seminar on Cruise ship (past records as below)
    -2018 Asuka II (Nyk Cruises, Japan)
    -2018 World Dream (Dream Cruises, Hongkong)
    -2017 Enchantment of the Sea (Royal Caribbean International, USA)
    -2017 Nippon Maru (MOPAS - Mitsui OSK Passenger Line, Japan)
    -2016 Panstar Dream (Cruise/Ferry - Sanstar Line, Korea)

Cruise Research Institute
2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F 3-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

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