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Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Foundation

2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F
3-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

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Ports to the Future

Basic Attitude : Think Outside !
We conduct a wide range of studies and research on various themes that are desired for ports, harbors and airports, by capitalizing on our precious asset, namely the experience and know-how gained over many years and for various human networks in industry, academia and government. We are also striving to improve our accumulated skills and strengths, in a bid to accomplish our studies and research with creativity and passion.
Under the slogan of "Ports to the Future," we would like to contribute to creating a future for our society through port development. Today, when a paradigm shift is required in the midst of a drastically-changing society, we are able to pioneer a future for our country by accurately meeting the needs of the times through comprehensive studies and research on ports. Moreover, we are supporting various active organizations related mainly to ports and are disseminating our obtained achievements and/or information widely to society as a whole.


We are engaged in a) studies and research, b) support of various active organizations and c) information dissemination activities, by leveraging our expert knowledge, skills, know-how and extensive networks, achieved through our experiences spanning over 20 years.

Three Activities

Tackling Problems with Our Strengths
  1. Know-how

    We are making the most of our long-accumulated expert knowledge and skills to solve problems more effectively.

  2. Neutrality

    We tackle problems from an objective and neutral standpoint, and are not influenced by any specific interests.

  3. Network

    We, thanks to our extensive network, handle problems with a broad point of view and with mobility by exchanging opinions from diverse angles.

  4. Comprehensiveness

    We are moving forward with our comprehensive power obtained by gathering our combined wisdom obtained through challenging a broad range of themes and crossover methods.

  5. Locally-oriented

    We aim for locally-oriented activities that feature local characteristics through communication with local people.


Based on our role, outlined on the inside cover of this brochure, we are conscious of our obligation to carry out our activities for the common good. We conduct our activities according to the following basis policy, aiming for complete compliance with rules and regulations.

  1. Promoting comperhensive studies and research by cooperating with industry, academia, and government

    Making good use of the networks of academic, private sector, and government experts fostered in the various workshops and committees it has held up to now. WAVE will push ahead with conducting comprehensive studies and research and drawing up policy proposals in the following areas:

    1. (a) Achieving safe, vigorous regional development focused on the needs of the regions
    2. (b) Realizing effective port and harbor logistics
    3. (c) Protecting and restoring the environments of coastal zones
  2. Gathering information and sterngthening communications

    Along with efforts to gather and compile the basic information needed for studies and research, WAVE has enhanced its information dispatch service for broader information provision through not only printed publications but also the Internet, to encourage people to put the information included in the results of studies and research to good use. WAVE also continues providing information through exchange meetings held on the occasion of regional lectures and presentations.

  3. Supporting those involved in regional development and organizing opportunities for exchanges

    To contribute more to regional development that focuses on the needs of the region, WAVE organizes opportunities for information exchange via the Internet, providing better support for regional people involved in the development of port and beach towns. We also organize events such as nature experience activities and always strive to put our specialist know-how to the best use, aiming to increase understanding and heighten interest in the nation's ports.

  4. Strenthening the human resource training function

    To invest in the development of human resources to meet the challenges of the future, along with strengthening its function to accept trainees, WAVE maintains and supplements its training program in order to appropriately meet the needs of external requests.

  5. Pushing ahead with the sophistication of the port EDI system and ensuring appropriate operation

    Along with responding to requests for the sophistication of the Port EDI system (the Single Window system), WAVE aims to stabilize the operation of the system and improve user convenience.

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