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Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Foundation

2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F
3-1-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0001, Japan

TELF03-5408-8291 FAXF03-5408-8741 / 03-5408-8747 Map & Closest station



General Incorporated Foundation
Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Foundation (WAVE)
(Japanese name : Minato Sougou Kenkyu Zaidan (Minato Souken))


Shuichi Tsuda


October 31, 1987

Ports to the Future

Basic Attitude : Think Outside !
We conduct a wide range of studies and research on various themes that are desired for ports, harbors and airports, by capitalizing on our precious asset, namely the experience and know-how gained over many years and for various human networks in industry, academia and government. We are also striving to improve our accumulated skills and strengths, in a bid to accomplish our studies and research with creativity and passion.
Under the slogan of "Ports to the Future," we would like to contribute to creating a future for our society through port development. Today, when a paradigm shift is required in the midst of a drastically-changing society, we are able to pioneer a future for our country by accurately meeting the needs of the times through comprehensive studies and research on ports. Moreover, we are supporting various active organizations related mainly to ports and are disseminating our obtained achievements and/or information widely to society as a whole.


October 1987
Incorporated Foundation 'Waterfront Revitalization Research Center'established
December 2000
Name changed to 'Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Center' (WAVE)
December 2003
ISO14001 certification acquired
July 2009
Office relocated to present location, 2nd Toranomon Denki Building 3,4F, 3-1-10, Toranomon, Minato-ku,Tokyo
July 2011
Corporate form changed from Incorporated Foundation to General Incorporated Foundation under the legislative reform of the public interest corporations and name changed to 'Waterfront Vitalization and Environment Research Foundation'(WAVE) (Japanese name : Minato Sougou Kenkyu Zaidan (Minato Souken))
July 2014
Okinawa Office opend
April 2017
'Japan Cruise Research Institute' established
July 2019
Kinki Office opened  Kyushu Office opened

Organizational Structure

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