Welcome to Japan’s Ports !

Welcome to Japan!
Japan is an island country with an area of 378,000 km2, located in East Asia. Each region in Japan has its own unique characteristics, which can be found in rich tourism attractions and splendid seasonal changes, and you can enjoy delicious local foods throughout Japan. You must be quite sure of such Japanese beauty and attractiveness with a cruise tour around ports in Japan.
The Japan Cruise Ports Association (JCPA) is the organization that promotes the comprehensive network among cruise ports in Japan. The member ports are working together so that all the passengers on cruise ships can make their own experiences of Japanese local culture.
We also provide useful information to shipping companies that are considering to call at Japanese ports in the future. In addition, we have been making every effort to improve port facilities in an environmentally friendly way for SDGs.
We would be delighted to welcome passengers from all over the world with our heartfelt hospitality. We look forward to meeting you in Japan!


JCPA Secretariat
 (Port & Harbor Bureau,
  Kobe City Government)

4-1-1 Minatojima-nakamachi,
Chuo-ku, Kobe City, HYOGO
650-0046 JAPAN